The Founder

Florenscia was inspired by Dr. Azza (receiving a Ph.D. (UM), BSc (Hons) (Chemistry) (UM)). Prior to Florenscia’s founding, she had been in the business of perfume due to her deep interest in perfume. Day after day, she found more and more perfumes were being sold online and offline, with price issues and poor quality control over the perfume, as well as the quality of the perfume packaging and unsecured safety to consumers. She finally decided to produce her own perfume named Florenscia.

The purpose of Florenscia is to:

-Produce premium perfume with high-grade quality and safe to use.

-Control the issues of uncontrolled perfume prices with poor quality grades.

-Reach standard international perfume but still can be owned at an affordable price.

-Solve the issue of non-durable perfume.

-Giving rewards to agents and entrepreneurs who committed on making sales. **

** Depending on the terms and conditions issued by HQ.