Safe and secure payment

Our online payment system is operated by a service provider specialising in secure online payments.

After placing the order, you will be directed to Billplz Payment Gateway.

Select your preferred payment method.

Select the box “I AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS” to accept the terms and conditions for your payment

Click Pay and you will be re-directed to the online banking site of your choice.

Login to your online banking account and proceed per instructions.

Order Confirmation

When payment is complete, log out from your online banking site.

Click Return to FPX and wait for Billplz Confirmation Page.

Click on “Click Here to Complete Your Transaction” and you will be re-directed to Florenscia.

If the status message says Processing, then “successful” your order is already in our system.

Finally, you will receive an e-mail with your receipt, confirming your order.